Informe financiero/financial report/rapport financier

Vous trouverez ci-dessous, le rapport financier du Conseil international du laicat dominicain (ICLDF), pour l’année 2020.

rapport financier

A continuación encontrará el informe financiero del Consejo Internacional del Laicado Dominicano (ICLDF), para el año 2020.

informe financiero

Below you will find the financial report of the International Council of Dominican Laicat (ICLDF), for the year 2020.

financial report

ICLDF Meeting in March

Since February of last year, the ICLDF has been meeting in a regular way, having already done it 8 times, always by virtual means in the zoom platform.
Last 13th of March we had another meeting where the accounts for the year 2020 were analysed and the respective report that will be sent to the regional councils by each delegate in order to be made known to each province.
Information was shared on the progress of the work of the group created to present a proposal for a training programme.
Also presented were the first drafts and proposals for the revision of the Regulations and Recommendations existing in the Statutes of the ICLDF.
It is the purpose of ICLDF to meet with the 5 regional councils, having already scheduled a meeting with COFALC and APLDF.
The next meeting of the council is scheduled for the end of April.